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In 2003 our family lost our lovely and faithful Dachshund. We were very sad and knew our life wouldn‘t be complete without a dog. We searched and found a suitable breed, which would be active, social and a good house dog. We live in a village need a dog to watch over our house and garden.

We chose the breed German Pinscher. This is smaller breed than Doberman, which we considered previously, but has similar characteristics such as being fearless. We browsed the web looking for a suitable dog-fancier, which we would contact and then purchase the Pinscher puppy.

In the end, we chose Mr. and Mrs. Lemešových’s breeding station that is named Harmony Star. The married couple assisted us with their helpful and friendly manners.

Looking back I have to say that Mr. and Mrs. Lemešových were a good choice. They have helped us and given valuable advice. This good relationship continues today.

We had a clear idea about the gender of our future puppy. We wanted to buy a bitch because of the future plan to begin our own breeding station. We chose our lovely puppy or, perhaps, it chose us. The name of the nice, new puppy is Brixana. After some time we wanted to join an exhibition and contest of dogs. Brixana’s first exhibition took place in Brno and she won both the CAC and CACIB prizes.

In autumn, we participated in a compulsory evaluation that also took place in Brno. Our Brixana was in a good shape and she was accepted.

Our next step was to request permission to open our own breeding station. The request was granted and the new breeding station was given the name Brixadella. During the winter, we trained our Brixana at a dog training center in Nezamyslice. We waited for Brixana’s spring rut with anticipation. Our vet helped us to establish the right term of mating season. We found the right dog for mating in central Bohemia. The official name of the dog was Cipp z Pyšelky, nicknamed Bertík. In the end everything finished successfully and our the first puppies born on 23.5. 2008. The puppies were red and, black coloured.

The dog for the second puppies we chose very carefuly. The right one was Gronn from kennel Harmony Star. We were persuaded by his friendly temper and an obedience. He is very well awarded at international exhibitions. Here are his awards:→Gronn




We have Brixana for leisure and enjoyment, so in case of any problems we advice it with our vet or experienced fancier. So if you are interested in buying a middle-sized active dog, that is also a brave house-dog and companion, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Everybody is welcome!

Motto : Solicitude brings joy

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