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Maggie celebrates her the second birthday | 12.6.2020

Maggie celebrates her the second birthday today. She can enjoy a sunbathing at last, that she loves. There is a soft soil at our garden after a long raines, so Maggie can dig the holes and catch mice and moles without any problems. She still has a good time with her a squeak toys. She retrieves these and she wants to us to throw or kick these. She catches these to her mouth directly or haunts the toys and retrieves it back.


Here are some picsTongue out

Maggie pod třešní Maggie pod třešní1 Maggie pod třešní 2

Maggie pod dorancií Maggie na terase Maggie u jahod


"B" litter celebrates their 10th birthday today!| 04.06.2020

We are sending you a wish of all the best and a lot of health to the second ten! KissWink.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2020 | 24.12.2019

We wish all visitors of our website merry Christmas and happy new year 2020 ! Smile.

PF 2020

Maggie celebrates her the first birthday | 12.6.2019

Maggie dnes slaví své první narozeniny. Má se dobře, prospívá, zdraví jí slouží. Dělá nám radost svým živým a radostným projevem. Má vždy dobrou náladu. Stále si chce hrát, nejraději aportuje svůj růžový pískací míček. Je velmi chytrá a učenlivá. Máme dvě hejna kachen indických běžců na zahradě navolno a ona jim neublíží, jen si na ně zkouší dorážet a hrát si s nimi. Taky jim občas chce něco ujíst z jejich krmítka.

A teď něco negativního. Definitivně je jasné, že Maggie není plnochrupá. Chybí jí jeden spodní řezák a pravý i levý spodní premolár. Tudíž nemůže být uchovněna a nebude mít nikdy štěňataCry.

Ale i přesto ji máme rádi, a přejeme jí do dalších let spoustu zdraví a hezkých chvil.


Tady je pár fotekTongue out

Maggie43 Maggie44 Maggie45

Merry Christmas and Happy new year  2019 | 24.12.2018

We wish all visitors of our website merry Christmas and happy new year 2019 ! Smile.


Maggie is half year old today| 12.12.2018

Ve věku půl roku je naše Maggie vysoká 45 cm a váží 12,3 kg. Přezubování pokračuje zdárně. Ve spodní čelisti má narostlé pěkné nové špičáky. Ty v horní je následují, ačkoli na pravé straně jí ještě nevypadnul mléčný, jehličkový. Doufáme, že vše půjde dobře. Pokračujeme ve výcviku a jde to celkem dobře. Musíme být velmi důslední, protože cokoli Maggie může v rámci výcviku ošidit, to udělá Laughing. Naučila se otevírat dveře, tak když chce jít na chodbu, tak prostě jde. Na dvůr se nedostane, tam se dveře otevírají dovnitřLaughing.Tady je odkaz na videa


Maggie36 Maggie37 Maggie38

Maggie39 Maggie40 Maggie41

Maggie is five months old today| 12.11.2018

Maggie spent her day with sleeping mainly. In the morning she woke up at 7 a.m. by whineing and feetlicking. Well, you can do nothing but get up. After breakfast we fed our poultry, then she got her portion of meat with an ingredients, then she ran around the garden and because of the harsh weather (fog and cold), she returned to her lair at the house and she felt asleep. She is dreaming about some exciting experience now, because she is barking weakly.

5.11. she got next mandatory injection at the vet office. This time it was quite painful, but she was coolWink. Maggie begins with teethchange, we hope everything will go well. Next we continue with training. We added Maggie's well known commands to circle running on rein. It seems she will learn it, she is a clever girlSmile.

Here is a few pics, how she enjoy the warmth.Tongue out

Maggie33 Maggie34 Maggie35

Maggie is four month old | 12.10.2018

Just today we have our wild Maggie two months. She is four months old the same time. She is a quite big miss and she has a lot of energy for giving out. Maggie is still big eater and sleeper of courseLaughing. She likes playing at the garden and the backyard and we all are glad due the nice weather. Everyday we go out for a walkings around our house and do the excercize of staying, displaying and teethshowingSmile. She is quite good and patient during these process. She makes a progress.

5.10. we passed out Maggie's the second injection. She was pretty cool during it. She licked Mrs. vet and simply, she likes being in the office indeedTongue out. The next (the same the last) injection is planned in the November. Here is the link to new videos

Maggie16 Maggie17 Maggie18

Maggie19 Maggie20 Maggie21

Maggie is three months old | 12.9.2018

Maggie is three months old and she stays at us one month.Laughing. She is unbelievably active and she is still doing something, playing and exploring a new things and an experiences. She is still a good eater and she grows up very well and her weight is 8 kg now. Last week we visited our vet and he registrated Maggie and vaccinated her. Everything is all right, Maggie was very brave in the vet office. She was cryingless during the vaccination and vet complimented her. She is a nice puppy girl.

Here is a few pics.Tongue out


Maggie13 Maggie14 Maggie15

Maggie has already stayed at us two weeks | 26.08.2018

Time is going unbelievably quickly. We have got Maggie for two weeks, but it seems like we have her very short timeLaughing.

We hve an exact feeding schedule for her, that seems to suit her. She gets 200 g dosage of meat with ingredients (Three times per day), nothing else between it. Everywhere (indoor and outdoor) is drinking water for her. We try teach her ( non-violently) calling her name and we use a dainty as a reward for it.Something other than meat is very rare for her, so she always falls like lighting.

Maggie likes running at the garden and it seems she will be a master of the garden and the backyards soon. She has not any fear of a flock of Indian runner ducks, she likes running against them and fights off them. Our cat Micka is a harder nut. When they meet, Micka bristles, burns and starts threatening grumbling. Maggie stops and waits what will be. Micka mostly goes away with a dignity, but sometimes it will happen, that Maggie will start to chase her and Micka wiil escape the ladder to the

Maggie7 Maggie8 Maggie9

Maggie10 Maggie11 Maggie12

We have got a new puppy!!! | 12.08.2018

After a long time of the planning and choosing our new puppy girl we did a phase of a preparing. We did a trip to Germany to get our chosen female puppy, which name is Dark Angels Magical Moment for Brixadella, we re-called her to more practical name MaggieSmile.

Maggie was born 12.6.2018,

Parents are:

mother: Nevar Quest of Joey Dark Angels(Imp USA)   called Sookie

father: Dark Angels Ineo Magical Moment   called Fritz

Maggie comes from high quality breeding and there is a premise we could bring up her the female, who will bring a joy to everyone and she takes a torch of the breed German Pincher. There are the pics at us and the link to the video, that will be done after her waking up

Maggie1 Maggie2 Maggie3


Maggie4 Maggie5 Maggie6

"B" litter celebrates their 8th birthday today!| 04.06.2018

We are sending you a wish of all the best and a lot of health! Wink.

"A" litter celebrates their 10th birthday today!| 23.05.2018

We wish them all the best to the next decade! Kiss.

Our faithful Brixana died| 20.3.2018

It is sad, we must begin the first news of this year that way. But this is life. Sometimes is very happy, when we remember everything nice, we spent. Sometimes very sad, as now, when she died.

We thanks for the years we could spent together.

Goodbye Brixana!


Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2018 | 24.12.2017

We thank owners of the puppies and our breeding station's supporters for Christmas and new year greetings. We wish all visitors of our website happy new year 2018 !

PF 2018

Baddy | 8.6.2017

We are very glad that the Baddy´s owners have remembered us and sent to us a few Baddy´s pictures . They celebrated Baddy´s birthday. Thank you and all the best to you! Laughing.




Baddy v zimě Pánečku, pojď ven Umím se i mazlit

"B" litter celebrates their 7th birthday today!| 04.06.2017

The Brixadella kennel is sending you a wish of all the best and a lot of health! Wink.

"A" litter celebrates their 9th birthday today!| 23.05.2017

We send you a kind regards and a wish all the best!  Kiss.

Brixana is  12 years old | 16.05.2017

We wish her a good health, keeping a good mood and energy for an active life Smile.

Brixana 12 let

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2017 | 24.12.2016

We wish you a nice Christmas and a lot of health for everybody in new year 2017 Smile.

PF 2017

"B" litter celebrates their 6th birthday!| 04.06.2016

Your mum Brixana and kennel Brixadella wish you all the best Wink.

"A" litter celebrates their 8th birthday today!| 23.05.2016

We wish them the best!  Kiss.

Brixana is eleven years old / 16.05.2016

We wish her all the best, and happiness too, less insect, less thunderstorms, less fireworks. Whether she likes still burrowing holes and catching mice!Wink

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2016 | 24.12.2015

We wish you a nice Christmas and a lot of health for everybody in new year 2016 Smile.

PF 2016

Work | 10.10.2015

Last weekend the wheather was nice, so we cut a lot of wood and released a free place for Brixana to dig a mice. She did her job and enjoyed it a lotLaughing.



Brixana začíná Brixana v díře Brixana spí po práci


"B" litter celebrated their the 5th birthday!| 06.06.2015

We are very busy now, so it has happened, we slightly forgot the 5th birthday of the second litter. Late but still, we wish them a lot of health to next years Wink.

"A" litter celebrates their the 7th birthday!| 23.05.2015

We hope the lucky seven will accompany " still puppies in our memories" for the whole year. We wish them a lot of health  Kiss.

Brixana celebrates her the 10th birthday!| 16.05.2015

Our Brixana celebrates her 10th birthday today. She has enjoyed it very well, she has eaten a lot all good meals, and she has poked one very nice and very big hole at the garden. We wish her all the best, firm healthy, and only a few thunderstorms in PačlaviceKiss.



Brixana slaví 10. narozeniny!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2015 | 24.12.2014

We wish all the best to visitors of our website. We wish you a nice Christmas and a lot of health for everybody in new year 2015 Smile.

PF 2015

"B" puppies celebrate their the fourth Birthday!| 4.06.2014

Ať jim, a jejim pánům, všechno vychází, nemoci a jiné problémy velikým obloukem se vyhýbají Kiss. Tohle všechno+ všeobecnou pohodu do dalších dní přeje Brixana a Brixadella!

"A" puppies celebrate their the sixth Birthday!| 23.05.2014

Time flows really quickly. It seems to be before a while, when we had our the first puppies, and now they are six years old. We wish them all the best and firm health! Kiss.

Brixana celebrates Birthday!| 16.05.2014

Our Brixana celebrates her the 9th birthday today. We wish her all the best, firm health, a few worries with weather changes and thundermstormsKiss.

Spring trip | 11.5.2014

We enjoyed a nice weather and went with Brixana to a longer trip around Pačlavice. Brixana raked a few times again, but she did not caught anything, maybe in a futureLaughing.


Brixana1 Brixana skáče Brixana škube trávu

New year Greetings | 24.12.2013

We send a wishes to all who love German pinchers and to whom,that do not know about it yet Smile.The kennel Brixadella wish you a lot of happiness and health in new year 2014.

PF 2014

Bonny has the puppies! | 29.10.2013

Naše jediná fenka z vrhu"B" má štěňátka! Narodila se v září a je jich celkem osm. Takže Bonny překonala svojí mámu Brixanu, ta měla pokaždé stěňat 7. Bonny prošla bonitací a je uchovněná. Otec štěňat je čistokrevný NP ale bonitaci nemá, takže štěňátka jsou bez PP. Přejeme jim laskavou ale důslednou výchovu, hodně zdraví, a spokojený psí životLaughing.

Naše Brixana měla minulý týden náštěvu. Zájemci o plemeno chtěli naživo vidět tohle úžasné plemeno nazývané Německý pinč. Brixana po celou dobu návštěvy před naším domem hrabala noru, hlína lítala pět metrů daleko, a hosty ignorovala. Výsledek návštěvy je tedy, že tohle plemeno určitě neInnocent(náštěva má doma pěstěný trávníkLaughing.)

V bedně 8 v bedně Bonny v bedně1 Bonny v bedně2

Kylie's greetings and pictures | 4.8.2013

We are really glad, when the owners remember to inform us. The time flows very quickly and we know  nothing about "our " puppies. But we have a news about the one Smile. There are the Kylie's pictures from Prague.

Kylie u rybníka Kylie na trávě Kylie u třešně

Brixana celebrates her birthday!| 16.05.2013

Today our Brixana celebrates her the eighth birthday. We wish her all the best and less thunderstorms and fireworks! We hope she will be a little bit calmer due her ageKiss.

Happy Easter  | 31.3.2013

In the Easter morning we have been welcomed  with a heavy snowing and the snow level around 15 cm. Brixana does not like it, she hates that chilly weather and the wet snow. But searching mice and alien cats are her main aim everywhere and everytimeSmile.

Brixana hledá sněžnou myš1 Brixana hledá sněžnou myš2 Brixana vyhlíží kočku

Hunted rat | 1.1.2013

In very last minutes of the old year our Brixana shined and hunted the rat. The rat is the first from the others that live inside our wood for heating. In the New year morning she took the rat to prevent stealing itLaughing and burried the dead rat into a compost.

Brixana aportuje potkana Brixana nese úlovek Brixana zahrabává úlovek

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2013 | 23.12.2012

We wish all the best to visitors of our website. We wish you a nice Christmas and a lot of health for you and your pets in new year 2013 Smile.

PF 2013

The visit | 13.11.2012

We were looking forward to a precious visit on Friday. And who visited us? Kylie with her owners from Prague. During the visit Kylie was laying under the table and she was very nice. In the end Kylie and her mum sniffed each other in front of our house. We talked nicely with the owners, cuddled Kylie and wished them good luck and nice journey. We were very pleased due their visit.Sealed

Kylie pod stolem Kylie v kuchyni Kylie před domem

The Autumn at us | 30.9.2012

Our Brixana is still enjoying a warm weather and a sunbathing. She is still searching and sometimes with a successSmile ,catching mice.


Brixana leží Brixana vstává Brixana se škrábe

Baddy and Brixana | 27.07.2012

The weather is not good for haymaking, so the grass is still growing at our garden. But Brixana is not nervous due this stuff, she only changed the mice hunting tactic. She jumps on them from upLaughing. She thinks, she suprises them with that big jump. Video from her hunting is here: Brixana

We are glad, that Baddy's owners mailed us a few nice pictures.

oklepává se následky bouře1 následky bouře2


Baddy1 Baddy2 Baddy3

2nd birthday of "B" puppies | 4.06.2012

Next year has gone and  "our B litter puppies" celebrates their the second birthdaySmile We wish them firm health and satisfied life together with their ownersSmile.

4th birthday of "A" puppies | 23.05.2012

Another year is away and "our A litter puppies" celebrates their the fourth birthdayKiss.We wish them firm health, active and full of joy life together with their owners.

Our Brixana celebrated her 7 th birthdayWink. We wish her satisfied dog life and a lot of health and catch.

We saw Kylie | 7.5.2012

We used a day off before the state holiday for a trip to Prague. In Prague we were very lucky and met "our" Kylie(Alies) the puppy from the first "A" litter. She is very nice lady dog, still very active (similar her mum BrixanaLaughing).

She is well and her owners are satisfied with her.

Our Brixana had a hunt success yesterday. She dug a big mouse up, then she did one jump and threw mouse away near my feet. She was very proud of her catch, chomped a reward and continued with sniffing around.


Kylie1 Kylie2 Kylie3

Mice catching | 31.03.2012

We use a nice weather and went out for a walk with our Brixana Laughing. We wanted to visit her favourite mice hunt places. She did not catch anything, but she enjoyed it a lot.

She has a new worry at home, because we bought a new hen a nd Brixana is watching it continuously, like an alien, which she would like to bite and kill-just nowadays-when the egg crises is hereLaughingLaughing.


čmuchá je tam? já tu myš dostanu!


čmuchání2 v noře skáče

The end of the Winter is coming | 26.02.2012

S blížícím se jarem se ozývají zájemci o štěňátka, a to i ze zahraničí. Je nám líto, že je musíme odmítat, ale nemohli bychom se štěňátkům věnovat tak, jak bychom chtěli, tak proto štěňátka letos neplánujeme. Zájemce odkazujeme na ostatní spřátelené CHS, kde štěňata mají nebo plánují.

Brixana se těší na jaro stejně nedočkavě jako my a využívá každé chvilky k vyhřívání na sluníčku.

Kylie's regards with pics | 10.01.2012

We got a news about "our" the first "A" puppy Alies (Kylie) from her owners. The news is about how the live goes on. Kylie is well and she is still very active dog. Sometimes is quite restless, that is pity during an agility contests. But she compensates that for very quick run. Laughing

Kylie s kamarádem Spánek Kylie u rybníka


Kylie proskakuje Na gauči Kylie2

U jezírka Kylie3

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2012 |24.12.2012

We would like to thank our supporters and visitors for their wishes.

We wish nice time during Christmas and happy new year 2012 !

PF 2012

A walk around Pačlavice | 28.11.2011

After long 11 days we saw the Sun yesterday, so we enjoyed nice afternoon and did a long walk with Brixana. She was almost tireless, snuffing about mice and she found a pheasant in the endLaughing.

vystavuje jde v trávě


v trávě2 skáče2 noruje

How Brixana lives | 29.09.2011

Our Brixana is a very good watch-dog. She always persuades us about it. A backyard, where we breed rabbits and hens, is bordered with a fence, so Brixana can not normaly visit this place. A bad consequence of this, the rats live there. Yesterday evening Brixana bitted through wooden fence and begun to make a big hole. The pictures are from tomorrow's morning, when she continued. She has not cought anything yet, but we hope the rats will go awayLaughing.

hrabe1 hrabe2 hrabe3


hrabe4 hrabe5 ach ty myši

The news from Bono | 17.07.2011

It is always a joy, when the owners of the puppies sent us a message and a few pics. We are very pleased that Bono lives a good life. He has left the basic training. He was excellent and he learned a lot. But the most important thing is he loves his owners.

Brixana is still get on with watching the garden against the unwanted aliens "still"-hedgehogs. She aimed at watching the neighbour's garden too, but it is non desirable. She lost her dog-collar during last visitFrown.

Short-watchdog is watchdogLaughing.

Bono1 Bono2 Bono3

Baddy's visit | 17.06.2011

We had a visit on the first anniversary of the litter "B". Baddy's owners showed us Baddy. Baddy and Brixana ran at our garden, Baddy wanted to get a predominance, but he didn't  get on. Indeed, mother  must be respected, so far...Smile.


Baddy1 Baddy2 Baddy a Brixa

The litter B is celebrating | 04.06.2011

Today is a famous day for "our" puppies from the litter B. They are celebrating their the  first birthday today! Time always has gone very quickly and from mini puppies become the big dogs during only one yearCry We wish them and their owners strong health and a lot of joy ! Kiss


přání k narozeninám

The third birthday of the litter A | 23.05.2011

Time goes very quickly and "our" the first puppies from the litter "A" are celebrating their the third birthday today. We wish them all the best and their owners only joy and minimum worriesSmile.

Brixana is celebrating 6. birthday!| 16.05.2011

Our Brixana is celebrating her 6. birthday today. We wish her all the best, and enough strenght for alien hunting Smile

Easter  | 23.04.2011

Alies (Kylie's) owners sent us the picture and video from their sport activities and walks. The agility is very useful doing. Kylie and her master are interested in the agility and both enjoy it. The first succes are coming soon at the contest. We are invited to see the agility contest that will be held in Brno. We are looking forward to see"our" representative in the action. Our Brixana is quite fatty now because her low level of the activity. So we go to a long walk daily. Yesterday she flushed out hen pheasant and she was so excited because of that. During the night she suprised marten at our garden and she chased it out to a cherry tree. She did not want to let the marten down anymore. Very funny...Laughing. Just click below, there is Kylie's agility video there 

agility Kylie

Kylie1 Kylie2 Kylie3


vyhlíží Vendelína Na cestě Sedí na cestě

The Spring is here | 23.03.2011

Max's (Baffy's) owners sent to us the pictures from their trip. Max is very nice, similar to his daddy GronnSmile. Our Brixana is interested in mice again. The weather is pretty nice, so she spents her time by sunbathing and mouse hunting. She is tirelessLaughing. Some pictures.....

Max1 Max2 Vyleze ta myš?


Já ji vyhrabu! Ty kořínky... Poslední pokus

Baddy's visit | 07.02.2011

On Saturday we had a visitors at us. Baddy's owners came to show us Baddy. Baddy has grown up a lot and he is very nice indeed. He met Brixana and they enjoyed the free running at our garden. We think both knew each other at once. It isn't so long time they saw last. We cuddled with Baddy too, visibly, he was glad too. His tail was moving billy-hoLaughing. He recognized us too. Some pics...

Baddy1 Baddy2 Baddy3

Brixana, trip and mice | 26.01.2011

We enjoyed sunny day and went to observe our favourite place to find out what is new. Brixana did a lot of smelling about, of course ?Smile. Few pics...

hledá myš díra by byla ...a co zvětšit ?

New Year greetings | 24.12.2010

We thank owners of the puppies and our breeding station's supporters for Christmas and new year greetings. We wish all visitors of our website happy new year 2011 !

PF 2011

A litter"B"is celebrating half year birthday | 4.12.2010

An unusual coldness, seeing that early December is bad for us and for our pets. We wish "our" puppies a hairy jacket and warm letty.

Nowadays our Brixana is not too glad to leave their letty. She simply hates the coldness. She preferably stays on her mattress along central heating body. Tonight has been really cold:  -17oCEmbarassed


Bonny sedí Bonny leží Soustředění


Bono a balon Bono a první sníh Je to nějaké divné

News from Kylie and Max| 10.11.2010

Nowadays, when the dark is coming earlier and the Winter season is closer, we are much more glad to read the news about "A" and "B" litter. It is amazing what people can teach their lovely dogs. They need enough time, some aim and suitable conditions, but the prize is an owners and dogs joy. German Pinscher is really wonderful breed. Who nows it, certainly agrees.

You can see the pictures and video, just click the link below 

Kylie and Max

Brixana and mice | 16.10.2010

Today we have done some changes in our backyard before the winter will come. So we have shown an unexplored place to our Brixana. She has used it immediately. She has raked and bitted to death two mice at the end. To prevent a theft of the mice by cat Micka, Brixana has retrieved the mice away and earthed them.Smile. A few pics...

číhá na myš tak vyleze? už je po ní


ani se nehne druhý lov ach ty myši

The puppies are four months old | 4.10.2010

The Autumn is here and all puppies from litter "B" will celebrate their the fourth month birthday at their new homes with their owners. The owners sent us the e-mailes, where they write the puppies make a joy them and we are glad to hear that news. We wish them to stay a joy with everybody and plus a lot of health .

We did some rebuilding of our yard, that involved destroying an old rabbit hutch. Brixana was very interested in it and searched of rabbits and mice. It was very funny SaturdayLaughing.

Max (Baffy)v lese Max(Baffy) na pláži Bono


Bono Brixana a králíkárna Brixana jako veverka

Berry has gone to a new family,  we have no puppies | 23.09.2010

A new owners from Slovakia have arrived for our Berry today. It has been a hard leave-taking after a long time near us. But Berry has been quite calm and has taken it in one's stride. He got a long and hard training from Brixana and us and now it is up to him. He will stay at a family with many children at house with a big garden. Berry is friendly and lovely dog and he can be a watch dog too, so we predict him a happy lifeSmile.

Brixana has searched of mice at our garden today, so she has been busy to miss BerryTongue out.

Brix has gone to a new family | 17.09.2010

A new owner has arrived for our Brix today. So, it is true Cry. After a quite long time near us, it has been a hard leave-taking. But that is right. He got everything what he could from Brixana and our family, and now it is up to him. Brix will stay in a family with a family house with a big garden. He is very active dog and he can be a watch dog too, so we think, he is OK. We wish the new owner a lot of joy with their new family member Smile.

In the evening we have taken a walk on our favourite field (until it will be ploughed) to hook on a few mice. Brixana has caught 2 pcs. Berry has tried to help her and actually he has retrieved the oneTongue out.

Tak co bude s tou myší? Těžká práce Jé, už vyběhla

A visit at Binkey | 13.09.2010

Last week we visited Binkey. We gave personally the pedigree to Binkey's owners and we persuaded that Binkey is very well, as well as the other puppies. He showed us running for speed and other activities at the garden. Our pets, Brix and Berry, are continually taught by mum to everything needed for life. They thoroughly watch the house and garden and help with rodent's and insectivore's hunt at field and garden.

We can dead sure confirm notorious verity, the bitch, that carry and educate the puppies very well, is the big plus for their future development. For that reason is better to stay with mum longer than min. seven weeks.

The puppies are three months old | 4.09.2010

Our puppies are three months old today. Brix, Berry and Brixana were visited by Baddy and his owners. Baddy showed us everything what he knows and every dog enjoyed a free moving on the field.Cool Brixana didn't matter their action, she was mainly interested in mice holes. The boys helped her now and then. You can see the pics and  video, just click the link below's_visit

Together on the field | 23.08.2010

The Summer season without restrain wastes and Brix, Berry with Brixana enjoy the SunSmile. We train walk with dog-lead and basic commands on the cut field near our house. Brixana demonstrates them mouse. And their new activities are getting better.

V trávě Na terase Hrabání myší Na vodítkách

The tenth week has gone and the pics sent by owners | 17.08.2010

Our puppies are ten weeks old. Time flies quickly. The new owners are glad to be the proud owners of their new pets, you can se it on the pictures, that they sent us. The puppies grow up very well.Cool

The nineth week has gone | 6.08.2010

Our puppies are nine weeks old. A few important changes has happened. During the week next puppies left our home with their new owners. So Bonny lives in Slovakia, Bono lives in Poland, Baffy alias Max lives in The North Bohemia and Baddy with Binkey stay in Moravia.

We wish the new owners succesful training and an education of their pets and a lot of joy with them. Berry with Brix are still waiting for their new owners Smile.

Berry Brix Brix a Berry

New pictures | 29.07.2010

If the wheather is nice, we spend the most of our time outdoor. There is space for exploring the new things there and for neverending fights each other because of toys, leaves, etc.  A few pics... Just click bellow.Cool

The seventh week has gone | 24.07.2010

Our puppies are seven weeks old. A few basic changes has happened. Bonny and Binkey left our kennel with their new owners, so we have five puppies at home indeed. We wish them a lot of joy with their new family members. During saturday we had a lot of visitors. Everybody wanted to play with puppies and cuddled with them. Sometimes it isn't easy to control a temperament of the puppies, cause they are quick, smart and snappish.Sealed


Bono Bonny Baddy a Binkey

The sixth week has gone | 16.07.2010

Our puppies are six weeks old and they are in a good condition. Yesterday they got a new toys. Plastic keys are the most favourite for them and the puppies are fighting each other. Yesterday  the puppies travelled by car for the first time and they were inoculated and tatooed by our vet. They endured pain Cry without major problem. After return home the puppies played their games as if nothing has happened.

Binkey Berry Baddy


Bonny a Binkey Smečka u krmení Brix

Bonny a klíče U misky Baddy

The fifth week has gone | 9.07.2010

Another week has gone. The puppies like eating, sleeping and playing outdoor games. They are visited a lot and every visitors said they are very nice and smart. A few videos... Just click bellow.Cool

We like being outdoor | 8.07.2010

Because of very nice weather, our puppies enjoy being outdoor a lot. It means a lot of runs and fights between them. A few pictures...

Bono žlutý pejsek Krmení


žlutý pes červený pejsek červený pes

The fourth week has gone | 2.07.2010

Our puppies are four weeks old. They like fresh meat, but they don't defy gruel neither. We can recognize their apetite on the scale. The weights of puppies are from 1708 to 1515 grams. They use to be outdoor and they know the green grass is quite cold and it is good to lay on it. Tomorrow they will be dewormed for the second time. During the weekend we are waiting for the first visitorsLaughing.

new pictures of puppies HERE

The third week has gone | 25.06.2010

Our puppies are three weeks old. They leave the birth box and explore the world. They start to fight each other and Brixana has to cut their figts sometimes. The weather was quite nice, so we tried being outdoor and enjoy the Sun. Outdoor is good for taking photos, so there are the portraits of each puppy. They are in the sequence of the birth. From green to red ferret.

pics of puppies HERE

The second week has gone | 18.06.2010

Our puppies are two weeks old. They are well. They start use their own legs and they open the eyes for the first time. The puppies put on weight well and we dosed the treatment of the worms, they do not like it, but they need it.Tongue out

V bedně Krmení Spánek

The first week has gone | 11.06.2010

Our puppies are one week old. They are very well. Their only interest is: eat well and sleep well. They are good at bothLaughing. Their weights are almost twice since they have been born. Brixana takes care about them very well.

V košíku Únava Kojení


Jídlo Spánek Únava

The new pics of the new born puppies | 4.06.2010

Today's afternoon we have left our puppies without mum only for the while. We have needed to take our Brixana for a health check to our vet in Vyškov. Brixana had been checked with ultrasonic and she has got an injection for better cleaning. After our return home she has been looking forward to jump in box to take care about puppiesTongue out

Sedmička v koši Sedmička v bedně Černý pejsek

The puppies have been born ! | 4.06.2010

Today's morning our Brixana has given birth to the seven nice and healthy puppies. Everything has been OK, Brixana has been calm and almost whole birth she has done by herself.

red female:                 1

red male:                    4

black and tan female:  0

black and tan male:     2

Every pupy has been scaled, marked with colour ferret and written down time of the birth.

Marking, weights, colour of hair

green ferret......289g  male,     red

pink ferret........294g  female,  red

blue ferret........290g  male,     red

white ferret......303g  male,     black and tan

yellow ferret.....273g  male,     red

orange ferret....287g, male,     red

red ferret.........285g, male,     black and tan


Preparing and waiting for the birth | 2.06.2010

The term of long waiting birth of the puppies is very close. We are waiting for that with an impatience. Brixana is very calm now and she wants to be cuddled a lot. She spents whole time in the kitchen, where she sleeps in the birth box or in front of it. She does'nt want to go out because of terrible wheather. It is raining a lot and the temperature is below 10°C Cry

V bedně Drbání za ušima Čekání

The second birthday of puppies | 23.05.2010

It seems to be not long ago we had our first litter of puppies, but time goes very quickly. "Our" puppies, nowadays big dogs, are celebrating their the second birthday. We wish them all the best and their owners only pleasure experience with them.

Brixana is celebrating 5. birthday!| 16.05.2010

Our Brixana is celebrating her 5. birthday today. We wish her all the best, and good health for coming maternity Smile

A news about Alies (Kylie) | 14.05.2010

The Kylie's owners sent us a mail and some pictures. Kylie joined an exhibition in Prague. She displayed herself without being nervous and she got an award "Excellent". We send her and the owners a big congratulations. Kylie joined the judgment of breeding, where she unfotunately did'nt get through. Neverthless we wish her and the owners a lot of future success at exhibitions and at agility sports. Kylie is talented for this sport (because her fast running). The pictures from the exhibition in Prague are in section nabídka štěňat

Our Brixana tolerate a pregnancy quite well. She is more calmer now and her stomach is bigger. She has got a good apetite and she wants to be cuddled. We are looking forward for puppies.

Some puppies are booked but some are still for sale, so persons concerned don't hesitate.

Na zahradě Brixana chce překvapit myš Čmuchá myš

An ultrasonic detection | 29.04.2010

Today we have visited our vet to check our Brixana. The ultrasonic detection had been done with a positive result. Brixana is in expecting ! The TV screen has shown an amount of puppies, so we all are very happy Laughing.

We accept records for buying puppies. It's a presumption of both colours.

A mating | 3.04.2010

On Saturday 3.4. went ahead the successful mating of Brixana and Gronn from Breeding station Harmony Star.

A change has been waited | 26.03.2010

At last we can announce a long waited event. Our Brixana has been maybe awakened by spring sunshine and warm weather. Eventually the long estimated time of mating season has started together with the care.

Next week we would like to visit a vet because of the scum. We make sure the right date for trip to Gronn dog.

We welcomed the visitors | 12.03.2010

Last sunday we had the visitors from Slovakia. The family wanted to see German pinscher by own eyeball. Our Brixana was  very active, so they saw the pinscher is really a dog with a lot of energy. A cold weather stroke again, snow covered terrain, mating time has not started yet, so our waiting time gets on with hope. We wait for both, mating and the Spring.Wink

About Winter | 22.02.2010

A long winter season that is full of ice and snow is quite boring for our Brixana . She missed scrabbling and killing of mice. Most of mice live under snow now, so it is very hard to get them. Brixana uses every time when snow melts for hunting of mice, and how you can see on the pictures, she is strong enoughLaughing. we are waiting for spring mating season with impatience. We would like to travel to a favourite dog. When the warmer weather will come, the lucky time will come to our Brixana too.

V díře Brixana u díry Na zimní procházce

New year greetings | 7.01.2010

We thank owners of the puppies and our breeding station's supporters for Christmas and new year greetings. We wish all visitors of our website happy new year 2010 !

We have got a good news-in coming Spring we would like to have the second Brixana's litter of puppiesKiss.

Any news will be announced immediately-beware news section !

Airin's slovak owners sent to us some new pictures, you can see those below.

PF 2010 Airin u stromku Airin na skále

Alies (Kylie's) pictures | 12.12.2009

Recently we got some pictures and news about Alies (Kylie). Kylie visited an exhibition, where she met her half-brother. She has got a new nice den and suit against cold weather, because she cought a cold. Nowadays everything is all right and Kylie and her master can continue an agility training.

Our Brixana has made mark today. She has been barking so long at heap on wood till I helped her to force out maybe a mice. We both had been very suprised when the big rat run out instead of mice. Brixana didn't hesitate and bitted it to death immediately. She carried it proudly around the garden. She got a great appreciation and tidbit. Anyway she can't deny a gene of old horsy pinschersSmile.

Kylie s nevl. bráškou klokan naše sixteen


nový pelíšek oblíbené polštáře na pohovce

Aaron's (Black's) pictures | 8.11.2009

The origin Aaron's (Black's) owners, a married couple from Olomouc, sent us some nice pictures. So we want to share these with the others. They were invited to visit Black's new home in the beautiful place in Beskydy mountains. We all see that Black is really a handsome dog. We send all of them a lot of regards from Pačlavice.

Brixana has a calm and sleepy time now. She does'nt like a typical November weather at all. She spents preferably her time in her cozy nook.

Black leží Black pózuje Black na schodku


V plném běhu Krásná vyhlídka Detail

Long walk| 11.10.2009

We enjoyed Autumn's nice weather and used it for long trip to unexplored places nearby Pačlavice. We enjoyed the beautiful views at the countryside around Pačlavice and our Brixana used this trip for running around us and finding something interesting for her, for example mice Smile. On last Friday we visited our vet and Brixana got one injection against the most dangerous illnesses. The hedgehogs are unwelcomed visitors of our garden and Brixana hates them a lot Yell.


on the road mice hunter Brixana is watching

Brixana's relax| 4.09.2009

We have been waiting for Brixana's Autumn mating season, that has come quite early this year. We had to deny our favourite long walks to prevent our Brixana against other male dogs Smile. Brixana sleeps indoor during the night, and she stays behind a fence during the day too. We got the new Alies (Kylie's) pictures. She is well indeed and we send hello to her and to her family too. Thanks a lot for that pictures and word or two. You can see these photos in section nabídka štěňat in czech version of the site.


na boudě protahování Brixa pózuje

Walk around Pačlavice | 11.07.2009

The summer season has started and we go with our Brixana for a long walks. She is still very active dog, mainly when she is tracking some wild animal, as a pheasant or a hare. There is not many mice here, so she has not caught any.

Some people call to us and ask about the puppies, so we have a good news for them. Next spring we would like to have the second litter!Smile

Some pictures from "wild walk"

na stopě připravena ke startu Brixa vyhlíží zvěř

The first birthday of puppies | 23.05.2009

Time flows like water in the brook, and "our"puppies  celebrate their the first birthday. We wish them all the best and their owners only pleasure experience with them. Our Brixana celebrated her fourth birthday on 16. may. We wish her a lot of health and many mice to catch! Kiss

přání k 1. narozeninám Brixa běží pro odměnu Brixa hryže kost

We saw Airin | 21.3. 2009

On Saturday we travelled to Slovakia, because we wanted to visit "our" puppy Airin. She grew up enough, she was very nice and we saw that Airin controls everything at home as well as  in the garden. She loves her family and she was glad to see us. Airin's owners sent a big bone made from bull skin to Brixana as a gift. Our Brixa that bone very carefully earthed - right in agreement her habitLaughing.

Visitors at our breeding station | 16.3. 2009

Today we have welcame a visit. The potential persons concerned have came to have a look at our Brixana. They have wanted to see by own eyeball the German pinscher dog. Brixana has shown her the best cast- a wariness, an activity and an endurance, because until the leaving of visitors she has had a big hole doneTongue out. Shortly she has shown her "hunting" abilities.

We saw Arrax | 20.2. 2009

Recently we took a journey to North Bohemia. There were two aims for us there. The first one was to back up Lukáš Bauer FIS World Championship 15 km distance run, the second aim were the visits of our puppies. The first visit didn't came true, because we didn't catch the owners at home. That was a pity, but anyway the second attempt was successful-we saw Arrax and he is very nice and big boy. We would like to thank Kylie's and Black's owners for sending the new pictures to us. You can see that pictures in section nabídka štěňat in czech version of the site.

Airin's new picture | 6.2. 2009

Today we have got a new Airin's picture, that have been sent to us by owners from Slovakia. Airin seems to be big girl ! You can see this picture in section nabídka štěňat in czech version of the site.

How we live in winter | 24.1. 2009

Our Brixana doesn't like the winter season so much. When the outside temperature reaches -10°C, she doesn't want to leave her lair at all. She only explores our garden very quickly. She is afraid of possible intruders ( cats, martens, birds, etc.) After exploring she returns back to her lair. We go for walking around Pačlavice, but she doesn't like it a lot, because there are not any mice, nor some fair game, both for her pleasure. She likes a lot when the animals run away and she can chase themSmile. Today our puppies are 8 months old-all the best !

Thanks | 23.12. 2008

We thank owners of the puppies and our breeding stations supporters for Christmas and new year greetings. We wish all visitors of our website merry Christmas and happy new year 2009 !

Today the puppies celebrate 1/2 year birthday | 23.11. 2008

Today our puppies celebrate half year birthday, so we wish them all the best and we hope they will give a joy to their owners.Smile

The exhibition in Prague-Letňany| 22.11. 2008

Last Saturday we visited club exhibition of Pinschers that took place together with The International dogs show at exhibition place in Prague-Letňany. We met some friends and we saw "our" small bitch Alies (Kylie). We were suprised, because she is a quite big girl. She is nice and very ebullient. The Kylieś owners invited us to their home, so we had an opportunity to see the flat and the surroundings where Kylie lives. We think she is satisfied, she lives at flat together with their masters and the surroundings of the flat is very suitable for walks. She loves the long walks. We heard the owners would like to join agility contest in future. This is a good idea because of Kylie's temper.

The new pictures of the puppies | 2.9. 2008

The new owners have sent us their pictures of the puppies. There is visible the puppies have grown up pretty much since they have left our station. We thank's a lot for these nice pictures and you can see these photos in section nabídka štěňat in czech version of the site.

Three months since they have been born | 23.8. 2008

Our puppies have celebrated three months since they have been born. We have heard from the new owners the puppies have grew up a lot and they are not the small puppies anymore, but quite the big dogs. They are full of energy and activity so their owners are very busy.

The walks and mice hunting | 12.8. 2008

Brixana is again in a good shape. She use her hunting tactic and she caught a few mice. In the evening she is very nervous till her master take a dog-lead and they go out for a walk. We practise all orders that she knew before her mothering and she didn't forget anything.

We have no puppies | 21.7. 2008

On Saturday the last puppy went with their new owners to their new home. So we have no puppies nowadays. We are sorry, we had to refuse some interested persons, because we have not any puppies for purchase. We wish for our puppies the friendly masters with active mind and strong hand and for new owners many happy moments with their new pets.Wink

Last week together | 14.7. 2008

There was quite busy week at our breeding station last week. One visit was changed for another. The one visit came to check our puppies. The verification finished well and our puppies were found in a good shape and condition, without visible defects. On Saturday two dog girls left our station to join their new owners and two of our dog boys followed them on Sunday. Today the new owners have came to buy another dog boy. The rest of the puppies are going to left our station this week.

Tattoo | 8.7. 2008

There was an extraordinary day for our puppies yesterday. They experienced their first travel by car, inoculation and tattoo. At the beginning they were a little nervous, but they were brave and after return home and finding full bowl of meal, they were happy again. Now they are completely prepared for their new owners.Kiss

Visiting vet | 3.7. 2008

Today we have arranged a visit our vet. We are going to do it on Monday. An unpleasant but necessary experience is waiting for our puppies. The puppies are going to be tattoed with identification numbers, vaccinationed for the first time and dosed the treatment of the worms. We hope everything will go well.

Various meals | 28.6. 2008

The puppies are five weeks old and we dosed the treatment of the worms. They grow up quickly and we enjoy them a lot. They eat beef meat and pasta and well blended chicken meat and rice. We serve them puppy granule too. The puppies sleep at home but during the day they stay outdoor. They do a lot of running and sleeping there under an umbrella.

Outdoor activity | 20.6. 2008

This week our puppies eat their special meal : chicken meat, rice and puppy milk. They seem to be satisfied with it. The wheather is nice now, so the puppies enjoy the outdoor activity a lot.Cool

Exploring the world | 15.6. 2008

Our puppies begin to explore "the world". They are leaving their birthbox and loudly say: "we are lost". The puppies test their strenght too. They start fighting each other, that is very funny. The fights are accompanied with grumble and sometimes with funny barking. They try to eat their first meal from a plate, but mum's milk is still better.

Opening of eyes | 9.6. 2008

Our puppies started to open their eyes. They began to test their small legs too. The progress is not too big, but for the "race" to be the first near their mum's dugs it's enough. The puppies put on weight well and we dosed the treatment of the worms.

Second week of the puppies | 5.6. 2008

Tomorrow our puppies are going to celebrate their two weeks birthday anniversary. We have cut their claws to prevent damage of their mum's dugs. There is a traffic jam near "milk bar" everytime. This weekend we are expecting the first possible owners, so we hope the puppies will enjoy them.

How they grow up II. | 31.5. 2008

Our puppies are one week old and they are all right. The big eaters are twice heavier since their birthday and the smaller puppies want to catch them soon. The puppies got new ferrets, because the original ferrets were dirty because of taking care our Brixana. She lickes the puppies a lot.Tongue out

How they grow up I. | 27.5. 2008

After the birth the weight of the puppies was almost the same. But now we can see the big eaters between them. The puppies are scaled daily to find out possible problem.

The Puppies have been born | 23.5. 2008

Tonight the long-awaited puppies have been born! So we have seven puppies, four males and three female dogs. The number of the red coloured puppies is five (three boys and two girls). One boy and one girl are black and tan coloured. The puppies are in good condition and our Brixana seems to be a good mother. She has been checked by our vet in the morning and she is OK.Smile

Preparation for the birth II. | 19.5. 2008

The term of the birth is coming, so we did some changes in our kitchen. There will be placed the birthbox there. Brixa observed the place very carefully, and she seems to be satisfied with. We made a list of new owners of the puppies. We are waiting for the birth with impatience and the question is: How many?

Preparation for the birth I. | 10.5. 2008

Our Brixana is calmer more than before. Her stomach is bigger and she wants to be cuddled. She eats more and more. We made a new birthbox.

Records of puppies | 22.4. 2008

We accept records for buying puppies, It’s presumption of both colours. So don’t hesitate.

Ultrasonic detection | 21.4. 2008

The ultrasonic detection had been done at our vet with result :- Brixana is in expecting and we can look forward for puppies ! And how many ? Enough !

Successful mating | 25.3. 2008

In the days of 25.3. and 27.3. went ahead successful mating of Brixana and Bertik (Cipp z Pyšelky)




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