German pinscher - Brixadella

Parents and pedigree - german pinscher

Brixana Ria-Lot

We bought our lovely Brixana at beginning of July 2005. The first week at new home was quite hard. She missed her mother and brothers and sister. After some time, she became accustomed to her new family and surroundings. Sometimes she tried to show her force, but she found her right position in family hierarchy and nowadays there are no other problems. Brixana watches over the house and our domestic animals. She announces any intruders; for example hedgehogs, martens or visitors. Brixana is the best mice hunter. She catches them like a cat. Our Brixana has  her own paths through the garden, that she regularly keeps an eye on. Even if she has a lot of regular running area throughout the garden, her interest is in visiting a dog training ground, where she likes jumping over  hurdles, gang-boarding and retrieving.


Gronn Harmony Dogiwogin, father of  "B" puppies

 We choose very carefuly father of our "B" puppies. Gronn is very friendly dog and his mild temper will thin down Brixana's quite wild nature. Here is the link for a look in his pedigree →





Cipp z Pyšelky, father of  "A" puppies

Cipp, nicknamed Bertík, moved house with his owners from town to a village recently. The village is situated in the beatiful nature reservation of Český Ráj and Bertík has got a lot of opportunities for a long walks. Bertík is very active dog and is in good shape. He has been very successful at dog exhibitions.

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